St Michael’s Church is the only 13th Century Church in the Borough of Swindon

This window is an expression of thanks to the Creator for the good things bestowed on the people in Highworth, the Community spirit of the town, its religious groups, the richness and beauty of the surrounding land and their dependency on the environment

Across the width of the window a profile a view of the town is depicted, showing its three main churches, ( Methodists in the LH, St MichaelÆs Cof E in the centre and United reform RH) one in each light amongst the buildings and a general impression of the typical architectural style of the town. This echoes the reality of the situation as one gets a memorable view of the town against the skyline, from a distance on the Northern side. In the centre light beneath the town is a plaque with the text: “A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid” [Mat 5:14].

Moving to the very base, fossilised ammonites are seen. These ancient remains are to be found locally in the ground as the area was once part of the sea millions of years ago, linking the present with a reminder of the earliest forms of life. Around the ammonites will be painted textures and colours of the earth, rock like strata which forms a solid foundation for the town. In the right hand light this strata is more pronounced û rising higher it gradually changes to textures of stone walls, brick construction, brief glimpses of steps and arches hinting at the architectural foundations and cellars built beneath the houses which then merge into the buildings above occupied by the townsfolk.

Vicarage Lane, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 7AD