The Church has very fine windows, some by Edward Burne Jones and those in the South Wall are likely to be by Clayton and Bell of London (date circa 1880)
The brief was to design a window to reflect our modern time of the Millennium, to stand in contrast to all the existing figures, but which would fit comfortably in the tradition of stained glass and alongside the existing glass.
I have kept the images to a simple form – in the left hand is a rising pillar of flame and this contrasts with the image on the right, a blue flow of water cascading from an earthenware vessel. For a while I felt that something more might be added but after some thought and experiments came to the conclusion that the existing images would be best left with very little alteration in order to create the necessary impact.
The windows would be made from antique, streaky and flashed glass, using traditional techniques of acid etching, fired vitreous paint and silver stain to achieve the desired effects

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