Water theme designs

This design was never chosen as such but the Watery theme recurs in many of my windows so has a significance in my repertoire

Primrose Garden

I had to paint the garden, rather wild with  primroses in the lawn. Oil on canvas 26″ x 22″.
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Restoring faded painted images

Showing how eroded paint may be recovered by painting on thin back-plating, restoring the lost painted details which have been eroded over the centuries. The erosion is mainly caused by the presence of condensation moisture which deposits acidic pollutants which penetrate any weakly fired painting.

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Avebury Earthwork.

Standing on the Earthwork at Avebury Stone Circle and painted on a very windy day in October . Oil on panel (25.5 x 35.5cm approx.)   This painting is for sale, please contact me for details.


Installed at the Apostolic Nunciature, Parkside, Wimbledon SW19 5NE

The brief was to make a new set of leaded windows, to replace the plain glazing  in the front of house reception room  at the Apostolic  Nunciature’s House,  I chose a beautiful ‘Curio’ glass, a sort of extreme reamy molded glass, which has since gone out of production at Hartley Wood factory in Northumberland, they had this a last pile of Curio left. It transformed the feeling of the room and improved the look of the house from the roadside.
An additional request was to make these two heraldic panels for the Nuncio’s private chapel. Again I used the Curio glass to inset the main images. the red and  gold heraldry is the arms for Pope Pius XI  and the blue shield, the arms for Pope Jean Paul II.



Made in 1996, the Bill Watkins Memorial Window at St Andrew’s Church, Timsbury, Hampshire,  was badly damaged when an electrical fire gutted the West part of the church in 2015. As I had made the window and had the original cartoon and cut-lines I was approached by  the parish and asked to  do the  reconstruction.

It was  a complex task taking several months. Some glass was undamaged, some  crazed by heat but I decided those pieces could be saved using special resin glues specifically designed for glass repair. Some areas needed complete renewal with newly cut and painted glass.