Jubilee Hill, Great Malvern

Jubilee Hill, Great Malvern. Painted in the late summer, An electrical storm blew over from Wales as I was working and I had to shelter under an ancient Silverbirch tree for  a little while, the thunder was very loud and lightening was impressivr but somewhat nerve wracking, then hail and rain lashed down.  Everything got  rather wet but soon dried off.
Oil on Panel (30cm x 42cm or 12″ x 16.5″ approx)
This painting is SOLD


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Malvern Hills above Jubilee Drive

Wiltshire Landscape

A private commission depicting elements of  Wiltshire countryside.  100cm x 50cm approx

Painting the flowering Hawthorn

Painted on Salisbury Plain.  I made several sorties this Spring to nearby Salisbury Plain to paint the hawthorn in blossom. The distant Roundway Hill can be seen between the bushes. Oil on canvas 12″ x 16″
This painting is for sale, please contact me for details.