Installed at the Apostolic Nunciature, Parkside, Wimbledon SW19 5NE

The brief was to make a new set of leaded windows, to replace the plain glazing  in the front of house reception room  at the Apostolic  Nunciature’s House,  I chose a beautiful ‘Curio’ glass, a sort of extreme reamy molded glass, which has since gone out of production at Hartley Wood factory in Northumberland, they had this a last pile of Curio left. It transformed the feeling of the room and improved the look of the house from the roadside.
An additional request was to make these two heraldic panels for the Nuncio’s private chapel. Again I used the Curio glass to inset the main images. the red and  gold heraldry is the arms for Pope Pius XI  and the blue shield, the arms for Pope Jean Paul II.


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