Courses In Stained Glass

Glass Painting

I offer stained glass courses – from design through to painting and construction of panels, with an emphasis on painting the glass.

Painting on glass is important and it adds another vital dimension to coloured glass, Tuition is available for the beginner, to advanced glass painting in this challenging medium. The paint is composed of metal oxides and glass frit. When fired in a kiln the paint becomes fused onto the surface of the glass and is then completely permanent. I am able to take the student to a high level of multi-layer painting in comparatively short time.

Painting days at the Wiltshire studio are usually Thursdays, but times are flexible and can be arranged to suit.

To find out more please call on 01380 813878 or email

Student Testimonials


"I really appreciated your 'tuition', you have such a wide knowledge and experience of glass and in particular painting. What I liked was the fact that you could see what I wanted to do and you were able to stretch me beyond what I thought I would be able to achieve. I am really pleased with my panel".
Marian Constance

"What a privilege to be taught by Andrew Taylor, stained glass artist. I would like to thank Andrew for teaching me his many years of knowledge, over a course of three days, helping me to produce a painted stained glass window that I am more than pleased with. Taught in a welcoming, friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where Andrew is very enthusiastic and supportive, to guide and share his knowledge and experience. I would thoroughly recommend this course."
Jacqui Sanigar

"Dell made her design by doing a freehand copy of a section of a window by chagall. Her panel has a lovely texture of paint, which beds in and unifies the glass with a narrative. It reminds me a bit of a cave painting"
Dell's Panel (After Marc Chagall)