2019St Mary’s Church, Blyth, Newcastle“The life of Christ through the eyes of his Mother. 
             Four lancets and two Cinquafoil tracery

2018The Methodist New  Room, Horsefair,  Bristol  The Life of  John Wesley 
             Nine panels in steel frame set Oak frame. 12ft x 6ft

2016St Martin’s Church,  Kensal Green.- “Mary Seacole” window

2015 At Joseph’s Church, Wroughton, nr. Swindon   – Lady Of Walsingham Window.

2014Martyr Chapel, Barnabas Fund, Pewsey,  Wiltshire.  :”Pelican” and “Passion  Flower” 
            Two main panels + two small panels door panels.

2013 –  Martyr Chapel, St Barnabas Fund, Pewsey,  Wiltshire. St Stephen Window“Look! I see heaven open”    Acts 7:56.

2012 –  Resetting stained glass into a new Porch entry window  (incl. a panel by Geoffery Robinson FMGP) from the now                              demolished Catholic Church at RAF Lynham, into St Edmunds Church, # Calne, Wiltshire

2010 – St Francis Church, West Wickham, nr.Bromley, Kent. Theme: “The Life of St Francis”.  East Window,
              7 lights, 2 tier +tracery

2008 – St Kizito’s Church, Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa.   “African Madonna”

2008St Simon & St Jude’s Church (RC), Hillside Rd, Streatham, London Blessed Virgin Mary, Memorial” (Lady Chapel)

2007 – St Joseph’s Church, Littleton Panell. Mark Thomas Memorial Window “Tree and River of Life”

2007 St Thomas’s Church, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wilts. “Baptism of Christ” Three lights + Tr.

2006 – St Mary’s Church, Market Lavington, Wiltshire. “The Sacraments” Reynolds Memorial. Two light

2005 – St John’s Church, Tadworth, Nr. Epsom, London. “St John the Evangalist”,     Roundel 1.4m Diameter

2005 – St James’s Church, Riding Mill, Northunberland,. – “St Luke”                                     

2005 – St Helen’s Church, Gumley,   Leicestershire. Three light “Crucifixion”

2004 – St Joseph’s Church, Wroughton Swindon   Three light “The Baptism of Christ”

2004 – St Margaret’s Church, Rottingdean, Nr Brighton. The Sacraments” Window

2004 – Church of St Mary the Virgin,   Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. “Seasons” Two   light.

2003 – Church of the Assumption Wembley “Christ with Children” (Cawdell Memorial. 2003)

2003 – Christchurch Priory, Dorset. “Stoning of St Stephen” St Stephen’s Chapel, South Trancept.

2003 – St George’s Church, Altrincham, Manchester.   “Word and Sacrament”

2002 – Church of the Holy Cross, Seend, Nr Devizes, Wilts. Millennium Window”

2002 – Church of St Michael and All Angels, Highworth, Nr Swindon, Wilts. “Millennium Window“ 

2002 – All Saints Church Donhead St Andrews, N Shaftsbury, Dorset. “Pentecost”     Millennium Window

2002 – Chapel of the Boys Brigade, Feldan Lodge, Hemel Hempstead. “Boys Adventure Window”

2001 – St Maurice Church, Eglingham. Nr. ALNWICK, Northumberland . Carr-Ellison Memorial

2001 – All Saint’s Church, Hyde, New Forest, Hants   “Animals of the New Forest”

2001 – All Saints Church, Harbridge, Hants. “Images of Rural Life”, Millennium Window.

2000 – St Mary’s Church, Fawkham, Kent.    “Tree of Life”      8” x 42”       Millennium

2000 – All Saints Church, Hartley, Kent.         “River of Life”   11” x 35”      Millennium       
            Both are small single lights, Norman arched tops.  The Churches are normally open in the Day

2000 – St Laurence Church, Upton, Slough, Berks.William Herschel Window”. 2 lights + roundel.  “When I consider the heavens …..”                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Psalm 8 Vs 4-5

1999 – Tropnell Chapel, All Saints Church, Great Chalfield Manor, SN12 8NH.     “The Seed and the Sower”

1999 – St Andrew’s Church, Timsbury, Hants. “Bill Watkins Memorial Window”. Two light + one tracery.

1999 – All Saints Church, Bradley, Hants. “Nativity Scene”   Single Lancet.Millennium                    

1998 – St Mary’s, Collingbourne Kingston “Memorial to Ruth Fisher” Single light. Back of Church

1998 – All Saints Church, Dummer ‘Clifton’ Memorial window. Cypher of the Grenadier Guards. South wall.

1997 – All Saints Church, Southbourne. THE YOUNG   CHRIST MISSING IN THE TEMPLE

1997 -St John’s Church, West Grlmstead, Salisbury, Wilts. Two light window quatrefoil. “The Tree of Life”

1996 – St Mark’s Church. Swindon.Two light window. Baptistery areaSymbols of the Team Ministry

1995 -Church of the Immaculate Conception, St Joseph’s Pl, Devizes, Wilts. New Narthex – 4 lights representing ‘The Four Seasons’.

1995 -Christ Church, Barnet, Herts.Two light window with trefoil. “Memorial to Hubert Spencer”          

1994 – St Peter’s Church, Bath Road, Devizes. Four, 52″ windows.   
             1)THE HOLY FAMILY in two light                                                 North Wall
             2) ST PETER AND ST ANDREW in two separate lights.             North Wall

1993 / 1996 – The Holy Family Catholic Church, The Green, Sutton. Surrey.

            1) Single light (2m) Depicting   ST ANDREW                                  1993.
             2) Single light (2m) Depicting   ST GEORGE & THE DRAGON     1995
            3) Single light (2m) Depicting   ST DAVID.                                      1996
            4) Single light (2m) Depicting   ST PATRICK                                   2005
             Windows were initially installed in the entry foyer, but then moved to the Cancel East Wall. Church is normally locked.

1993 – St Steven’s Church, Vicarage Road, Enfield, Middlesex.. “The young Samuel” Baptistry.

 1992 – 2001 St Matthew’s Catholic Church, High Street, Norwood.
                            Viewable from the foyer.      Four horizontal windows behind altar.
             1)   Four panels of the Evangelists.                         1992
             2) Eight figures of saints.                                         1995   
             3) Lourdes window in memory of ‘Mia Clark’        1998
             4) Children’s Window                                                 1999
             5) Saints Window                                                         2001            Millennium Window
             6) Badges window                                                       2001            Millennium Windows

1992 – Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Sherborne Rd., Basingstoke. Three Light West Window
            The Subject — A celebration of life in nature and the countryside (5m) 
             (The Church is kept open during the day. Ask for the key to the gallery to get near the window )

1990 – The house of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wimbledon. London.   Two heraldic windows in the Chapel.
                                                                                      Also the ground floor front re-glazed in quarried ‘Curio’ glass.

1989/1996 – St Simon & St Jude’s Catholic Church, Hillside Road, Streatham, London SW2.