As well as making and painting stained glass, my other profession, I am passionate about painting and I particularly love to paint ‘En plein air’, in the landscape; painting predominantly with oils on gesso primed wood-panels or canvas. Working in this spontaneous manner, there isn’t time to consider things in a conscious way – it is an instinctive way of painting, reacting spontaneously to the changing weather and light. It can be very surprising how things turn out.

Someone said to me “It isn’t so much what is painted but how it is painted which is important” and that is very true. Paradoxically, painting en plein air, although it can be considered a relaxation activity, in truth often takes huge concentration and effort. But I think something of the struggle can be subliminally revealed in the finished painting that can even add to the work’s strength.

Please browse through the gallery pages. Many of the pieces displayed are for sale.

If you are interested in buying any paintings, or commissioning a painting please contact me here.

I do undertake commissions and  prefer to work at the actual location for landscape painting commissions and don’t normally paint landscapes from photographs. Although that can be done it is entirely different from plein air work.