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Andrew Taylor is an ecclesiastical stained glass designer/maker and painter. Many examples of his original stained glass windows can be found in churches around the country, including commissions of national importance. As well as designing and making new windows, the studio’s work, also covers stained glass conservation.

In addition to the glass-painting, Andrew is also known for his ‘en plein air’ landscape painting and there is a section of this site which deals with that aspect of his work. Getting out in the open air to paint, serves as an important balance to the intensive studio glass-painting.

Stained Glass

Featured Work

The William Herschel Solar System Window

In 1997, a generous benefactor, a Miss Cruickshank, left the Diocese of Oxford a significant bequest to install a new stained glass window depicting the solar system. She wanted a window to inspire us to wonder, with the psalmist, "when I consider the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in their courses, what are mortals that you should be mindful of them?"

St Francis Window, St Francis of Assisi Church, West Wickham

A window depicting aspects of the life of St Francis. of Assisi.

The Martyr's Chapel, Barnabas Fund, Pewsey

Martyr's Chapel, Pewsey. 1m wide St Stephen Window :"Look! I see heaven open" which is from Acts 7:56. Martyr Chapel, St Barnabas Fund, Pewsey, Wiltshire.

The Highworth Millennium Window

This window is an expression of thanks to the Creator for the good things bestowed on the people in Highworth, the Community spirit of the town, its religious groups, the richness and beauty of the surrounding land and their dependency on the environment

The Mary Seacole Window. St Martin's Church, Kensal green

This window commemorates the life of Mary Seacole My intention was to portray Mary in a youthful aspect, at the prime of her life where she had her great optimism and spirit to tackle all the dreams of her future against all the odds she would need to endure.

"The Life of Christ through the Eyes of His Mother"
St Mary's Church, Blyth

Installed in St Mary's Church, Blyth, nr. Newcastle (2019)

John Wesley Window, New Room, Bristol

A new stained-glass window has been installed at the New Room, otherwise known as John Wesley’s Chapel. The window takes the form of a triptych – a three-panel work of art – and illustrates the remarkable life of John Wesley.

African Madonna & Child. Cape Town, South Africa

The Window is a memorial to Melanie Gompels, installed in Kisito Church, Khayelitsha township nea Cape Town, South Africa